Start an online conversation with customers directly in your website using our Forum feature. Forums are open to the public and can be easily managed or moderated right from your Advanced Custom Website control panel. Below are two sample Forums.

Public Access Forum

Our “Outdoor Living” Forum with three topics is accessible to the public. Anyone can read the threads, reply to a topic, or create a new topic by simply filling out their email address and name.

For this example site, the ability to create topics and make a reply have been locked.

Members Only Forum

The second Forum is for “Members Only”. This is an example of how our Paid Content / Members Login can restrict access to an area of the website to members. If you click on the “Members Only” Forum you will taken to a page that will advise you that you need to be logged in as a member to view the forum.

Below is the expanded view of the Topics within the “Outdoor Living” and “Members Only” forums.