Job Listings

The Job Listing plugin is available as a premium add-on for all of our Advanced Custom Websites. The plugin allows site owners to maintain a well organized job board for Employers and prospective Employees. Employers can post job listings, and easily update and manage any job listings that they have previously posts. Jobs can be organized into categories, i.e. Construction, Design, Development, etc., as well as job types, i.e., Freelance, Full Time, Part Time, etc. The job categories and types are completely customizable by the site adminstrator.

It is recommended to separate the three modules below into 3 separate pages.

Job Board

Prospective employees can search the job listings directly on your job board page, as shown below. They can use the categories and job types configured by the site administrator to filter the job listings to find the job that’s right for them.

Job Dashboard

The job dashboard is where employers will go to manage any open or closed listings that they have created. The site administrator can configure certain settings to allow employers to edit job listings that are still pending approval, or to require job listings to be approved by the administrator before they will be made visible on the site.

Job Submission Form

The job submission form is where employers will go to submit a new job to the site. The site administrator can configure submissions to only be available to logged in users of the site, and/or to automatically create an account on the site when the employer submits the form.

Submit A Resume / Apply

Fields marked with an * are required

Drop down lists are the best for limiting a user to one specific selection.

Forms can include the ability for users to upload files when submitting them. The form can be set to allow a more than one file to be uploaded at a time. This form allows users to upload up to 5 files per form. When the form is submitted, the files are attached to the form submission email. They can also be uploaded directly to the Media Library if needed.

Check boxes can be used to make a user view and check to accept Terms of Service before submitting a form....

Our Terms of Service..

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