Online Scorecard

  • View your website's leads and visits over time
  • "Call Summary" lets you see types of calls your site receives using our trackable phone number
  • See your total visitors and a break out of unique or new visitors
  • See the top ten keywords people use to find your website in search engines
  • See who called you and where they called from. Listen to the call later to ensure no detail or request is missed! Call tracking and call recording are optional for customers with customer sensitive business calls, like Doctors or Lawyers

Results You Can Measure

Our Online Scorecard shows you the metrics that matter most. How many visits is your website getting? Is the traffic improving? What are they searching for to find you? Are more customers finding you each month?

Our Website Customers can sign in to their Online Scorecard 24/7/365 and view their site analytics, lead calls generated, and a higher level overview. The scorecard can be filtered by date range to show improvement over time too!