Business Directory

The Business Directory plugin is available as a premium add-on for all of our Advanced Custom Websites. The plugin allows site owners to offer their clients the opportunity to expand their web presence by creating a listing for their business on their website. The plugin can also be used to offer a listing of local businesses that may be of interest to the website users, such as, local restaurants, music venues, auto shops, etc. Website owners can offer the business listing as a free service, or charge a subscription fee for each listing. Listings can be created and edited by the users, and approved by the admin on a case by case basis, or they can be created and edited by the site admin directly in the Advanced Custom Website admin area.

Some additional features include:

  • Email notifications to the user or admin.
  • Access to additional premium add-ons which will extend the functionality of the plugin.
  • Importing/Exporting of business listings through a CSV file.
  • Custom Terms and Conditions.
  • Free or Paid listings, with the option to prioritize premium listings to always display at the top of a search or category.
  • Direct business contact forms, which will be emailed to the business listing owner directly.
  • Paid listing subscription with automatic renewal through recurring payment processing. The subscription period can be anywhere between 0 and 3,650 days (10 years).
  • Organization of business listings into separate categories.
  • Custom email templates for renewal reminders and other email notifications.
  • Customize fields for business listings.