Custom Contact Forms

All of our Advanced Custom Websites include a basic Contact Us form which includes fields for: Name, Phone Number, and Email Address.

With the addition of a Custom Contact Form you can add a new form with up to 20 fields in a variety of formats. When a website browser submits the form, an email is sent to the website owner with the contact details and questions.

Form data is also stored within the administrative area of the Advanced Custom Website so it is easy for business owners to access. The forms can be viewed individually, or exported into a .csv file.

Example Form

Below is an example custom contact form which shows the many options you can have customized to your website.

Fields marked with an * are required

Text Fields can have character limits set or default to unlimited characters.

Simple check boxes can default to checked or unchecked.

Drop down lists are the best for limiting a user to one specific selection.

Forms can include the ability for users to upload files when submitting them. The form can be set to allow a more than one file to be uploaded at a time. This form allows users to upload up to 5 files per form. When the form is submitted, the files are attached to the form submission email. They can also be uploaded directly to the Media Library if needed.

Check boxes can be used to make a user view and check to accept Terms of Service before submitting a form....

Our Terms of Service..

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