Appointment Requests

Our Appointment Requests feature is a special kind of contact page that allows customers to request appointments directly online.

The feature allows you to set up Providers, Services and Locations.

Providers can be created for individual people. Each person has a schedule and list of services attributed to them.

Services represent what types of appointments each person or provider can provide.

In our example below for a Hair Salon we set up the Appointment Feature with Three Providers and Three Services all in one location.

Name Services Schedule
Cindy Hair Cuts, Coloring, Perms M-F 9-5
Beth Nails, Hair Cuts T-Sat 9-5
Stan Hair Cuts, Coloring M-F 10-6

Each Service can also be set with a length of time and price as below for our example.

Service Time Needed Price
Hair Cut 30 Minutes $20
Coloring 90 Minutes $80
Perm 2 Hours $65
Nails 15 Minutes $25

Once you have the services and providers set up, the form does the rest. For example, if a customer requests a Hair Cut they can choose from Beth, Cindy or Stan’s available schedule. If they select a Perm they are automatically limited to Cindy’s schedule in the calendar.

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